Our Services


 Our goal is to provide your pet with loving attentive care that will help him feel safe, secure, and well cared for in your absence.  Your pet's well-being is our primary concern.  Being at home he will remain in an environment where all is familiar.  He is able to follow his customary diet and exercise routines.  And, although you may not be there, everything else in his world stays the same.  It is your choice if you would like one visit per day or multiple visits.  We are happy to adminster medications including insulin injections for diabetic animals.  

We also provide extra security for your home.  Bringing in mail, newspapers, changing lights and window coverings all help to avoid the appearance that no one is home.  You will leave your home worry free, kowing your pets are happy and content and your home is checked on regularly.

Most importantly your pet will receive the love and personal attention he deserves while you are away.  Your pet is not traumatized by travel and not exposed to illness, ticks, or fleas from other animals.  You are not inconvenienced by transporting your pet.  You will return to a healthy, happy pet and thriving plants.

As an avid animal lover I began Home Alone Pet Services in 1996 because I thought it would be a fun thing to do.  And it has been a fun thing to do!  It also helped satisfy my urge to own 5 dogs, and 6 cats, and 2 goats, and 6 chickens, and a rabbit and now I am content to go home to my one dog and one cat!

Contact Home Alone at 730-4358 or email sooz8@me.com